Matt's Survivor
Survivor Logo
Genre                      Reality Competition
Created by  Piperjr
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 9
No. of Episodes 81
Original Run

January 2013 - Present

Matt's Survivor is an online version of the popular show Survivor. It follows mostly the same format as the show, but has some modifications and differences.

The first series of Matt's Survivor, Survivor: Bora Bora, premiered on January 28, 2013.

Series Overview

Each competition is called a season and typically lasts between 9-30 real days, but always 39 virtual days.

Regular Seasons:

# Name Location Original tribes Sole Survivor Runner(s)-Up Vote Notes
1 Survivor: Bora Bora Bora Bora, French Polynesia Two Tribes of Ten Tucker Powell Mackenzie Simmons Maeve Scott 6-3-0 First season to feature a merge at 12. First season to feature a jury of 9 and a final 3. First season to have 20 castaways.  First season with tribal switch.
2 Survivor: Belize Placencia, Stann Creek, Belize Two Tribes of Eight Erika Chapman Grant Russell 4-3 First season to have a merge at 10.  First season to feature a jury of 7 and a final 2.  First season to have 16 castaways.  First season without a tribal switch.
3 Survivor: South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa Ricky Oliver Jessie Preston 5-2 N/A
4 Survivor: Greece Athens, Greece Vito Bruno Ryan Marcus 4-3 First season to have a tribal switch with an odd number of castaways. (13)
5 Survivor: Myanmar Chittagong, Myanmar Kelli Princeton Ashleen Wallace 5-2 First season to feature a tie and tie-breaker vote.
6 Survivor: Mexico Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico Two Tribes of Eight divided by gender. Jax Hall Katherine Joy 6-1 First season to divide tribes by gender.  First season to have someone quit the game.  First season to feature the fire making tiebreaker.
7 Survivor: Jamaica Frome, Jamaica Two Tribes of Eight chosen by the two oldest castways, Stuart and Teri. Linda McGraw Imogen Underwood 5-2 Featured the Outcast Tribe twist; First season to have contestants re-enter the game.  First season to have someone be medically evacuated due to an illness.
8 Survivor: All-Stars Three tribes of six, consisting of returning players. Abby Damon Ryder Michaelson 4-3 First season to feature returning players; First season to feature three tribes, instead of two; First season to have someone be medically evacuated due to an injury; First season to feature 18 castaways.
9 Survivor: Canada Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Two Tribes of Nine divided by gender. Andrew "Dallas" Miller Gretchen Roberts 5-2 First season to feature an individual immunity challenge before the merge; First season to allow one tribe eavesdrop on the other tribe's Tribal Council.
10 Survivor: Morocco - Merged Casablanca, Morocco Two Tribes of Ten Drew Goray Karissa Allen 4-3 Introduced the Inside Merge Twist.  The only season to feature two merges.  First season to feature the Hidden Immunity Idol. First season to have people who did not make the merge on the jury.
11 Survivor: Costa Rica San Jose,
Costa Rica
Two Tribes of Nine, each featuring a returning player. Lily Geoffrey Cameran Bailey 5-2 First season to only have one Hidden Immunity Idol available throughout the game.
12 Survivor: Guyana - Devil's Island Georgetown, Guyana Four Tribes of Four divided by age and gender. K.J. Zuckerman Nikki Goldstein 7-0 First season to feature four tribes; First season to divide tribes by gender and age; First season to feature Devil's Island; First time one tribe never won immunity; First season where one castaway voted at every Tribal Council; First season with a unanimous vote in the final.
13 Survivor:
Easter Island
Easter Island, Chile Four Tribes of Five divided by race. Owen Willard Katelyn Ryan Lu-Ling Chu 5-4-0 First season to divide tribes by race; First season to feature a mutiny, in which someone from one tribe is able to join the other tribe.
14 Survivor: India Mumbai, India Two Tribes of Ten Kevin Hartman LeAnna Carter Luisa Jennings 8-1-0 First season to feature multiple medical evacuations.

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