Verizon Player of the Season
Genre                      Reality Competition
Created by  Piperjr
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 11
Original Run

January 2013 - Present

Verizon Player of the Season is the prize awarded to the most popular castaway on Matt's Survivor Series.  The winner of this prize is given $100,000, which is the equivalent to the runner-up prize.  It is sponsored by the telecommunications company Verizon

Prize Winners

# Season Prize Winner % of Votes
1 Survivor: Bora Bora Mackenzie Simmons 33%
2 Survivor: Belize Dean Porter 34%
3 Survivor: South Africa Ashton Tanner 44%
4 Survivor: Greece Lexi Smith 50%
5 Survivor: Myanmar Dick Augustine 47%
6 Survivor: Mexico Logan Greenwood 49%
7 Survivor: Jamaica TJ Jacks 62%
9 Survivor: Canada Dallas Miller 46%
10 Survivor: Morocco -
Alex Martinez 30%
11 Survivor: Costa Rica Lane Ackerman 37%
12 Survivor: Guyana -
Devil's Island
Nikki Goldstein 55%
13 Survivor: Easter Island Owen Willard 46%

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